9 Proven Steps to Start Online Business in India – Step By Step Guide

It’s not difficult to start online business in India if you have the perfect plan and strategy to start.

Starting an online business was too tough some years because it was a very unorganized community, and people were not trusting in online buying and transactions.

Nowadays, online purchases and online sales have become like the organs of humans, and after the introduction of Flipkart, Amazon, and Paytm, online shopping is made handy for everyone.

So, if there is a huge opportunity, then why should you not take the benefit of it, why should you continue with the typical way?

Now, the question is why should you start an online business in India, how to start an online business, and what the types of online business are?

Don’t worry, all these questions are going to be answered in this article, so stick with this article till the last line of it.

Why Should You Start Online Business in India

Online business removes many barriers, like location problems, managing the inventory, payment transactions, and it also removes the limited consumer’s barrier.

How to Start Online Business in IndiaImage Source: Shopify Plus | Global eCommerce market size: Retail eCommerce sales worldwide

The future of e-commerce and online business is too bright, and we can say that online is the future of the business world.

In the above image graph, you can see that with which speed the commerce industry is growing, and in the last two years, it has boomed with an ultimate jet speed.

In addition, after the covid pandemic, people don’t prefer to go outside of their home until and unless it is not avoidable.

So, this is another major reason for starting an online business in India.

Moving on to another reason, if you have an offline business, it means if you have a small shop where your nearby customers are coming, it makes your income limited and saturated.

Because, the customers outside your area will not know you and not be aware of your products, service, and business.

But if you carry your business online, your business will be visible and accessible for each person in the world.

So, with an offline business, e.g. only 10,000 people were able to access your product details, but by having an online presence of your business, more than 1,00,000 people will be able to get access to the details of your product.

So, if you are already running a business, you should carry it online, and if you are going to start a new business, you should integrate it online from the beginning.

Types of Online Business

Online business is a very big community in which there are multiple modules and types of it.

You can do online business for the physical product, digital products, services, and learning. Moreover, these are not enough, there are many objects for which you can do online business in India.

Online garment selling, online food delivery, online jewelry selling, online reselling are examples of physical online businesses.

Blogging, YouTube, Influencing, Meme Marketing, Content marketing are examples of digital services online businesses.

Whereas digital marketing courses, affiliate marketing courses, and other learning courses are examples of online business of digital products.

How to Start Online Business in India in 2022

This is not only for 2022, but it is from 2022 to upcoming years, and it is too necessary for you to know how you can do online business with low investment

In online business ideas

, you have a benefit that you are not supposed to worry about the investment because digital assets are sold on a yearly basis, so if you purchase anything, you are relaxed for at least one year.

Now, the growth of an online business depends upon which kind of online business you start, which kind of audience you want to target and acquire.

If you are going to start a business for digital products, you need to work in a different way, and if you want to start an online business with digital products, there are some little changes.

But the fundamentals are the same for any business because the business world’s laws are universal, right?

Therefore, it is essential to know for you how you can do online business and grow it quickly, and there are certain important steps you need to take.

1. Select The Type and Niche of Business

Online business does not mean only that you pick a random product from somewhere and promote it on online platforms like social media, and you will start getting the orders.

It needs a proper strategy, first, you will have to decide the type and niche of the business, whether you want to start a physical products business or a digital products business.

For example, you decide to start an affiliate marketing business, then you need to learn first about affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing, how you can start affiliate marketing, which are the best products for affiliate marketing, how to choose the affiliate network as well?

If you are going to start a business online for physical products, you are supposed to do deep market research first for those products.

You have to research who are the potential audiences for your business, where there is a very high demand, who are your competitors etc…

2. Do Deep Market Research

Proper market research is one of the most important steps to take before starting an online or offline business.

You need to identify the requirement, demand, and need of the product or service that you are going to start.

Analyze your competitors, fetch the details about their business strategies, analyze their pros and cons, and try to solve the loopholes as well.

3. Build Your Community

Do you know why the influencers charge thousands of rupees for a single post on their account, and they are paid their spoken amounts?

Because they have their own community on certain online platforms and the community follows the influencers.

So, brands never think twice before paying a high amount to the influencers for recommending their products to their community.

In the online business model, your community decides your sales and the future of your business.

So, whether you promote your products or not on your social media, share the tips, product buying guides, and valuable information about your business on social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook regularly.

4. Collect The Database of Customers

If you are living in the USA, and if you have an email list of 1000 people interested in your product, then no one can stop you from earning 1,000 USD per month.

In India or other countries, these figures may vary, but the focus point is the collection of the database of the customers.

Whether you have a website or blog, funnel, or else you are promoting your business from social media, collect the customer’s database like their email, or phone number, or whatever is suitable for your business.

For example, if you are running a business of online food services, it’s better to collect the phone number or WhatsApp number than collect an email address.

And if you are running an affiliate business or blogging business, then it’s good to approach to collect the email address of your prospects.

5. Sending The Updates And Follow Ups Regularly

Running an online business means your business is active and live on the web, it may be on a website or blog, or funnel, or ads, or maybe anything.

Track the audience’s behavior, what they are doing, how much time they stay on your interaction page, what kind of action they take, etc…

Once he subscribes to your updates, send him daily updates, like offers, tips, useful information, product guide, buying guide, do and don’ts guide.

Not keep sending only promotional messages or emails like cashback, discounts, and other promotions.

Schedule the future emails smartly, and include the product guide, new features updates, how they can buy, what to check while buying the products, how to check whether the products are matching with their requirements or not.

When you seem like that xyz person is interested in your product or service, but confused about making a decision, then send him solutions and let him know why he should buy your products.

Then start the follow-up emails or messages so that he can be aware that he needs that product and he wouldn’t get a better deal than yours.

6. Create a Website For Your Business

See, it’s not necessary to create a website for your business, but it’s very advisable to make your business’s online presence permanent.

If you run the ads online, it will drive instant traffic for your business, right, but what after stopping the ads?

No one will be able to see about your business, because as long as you stop adding money to the ad account, your ads will be stopped, and your business will become invisible from the search engines.

So, it is very recommended and advised that you should have your own website presenting your business.

It will take hardly 10k to 15k to create a perfect and full-featured dynamic website, and there are many web developers who will design a perfect website.

7. Build Your Brand

A businessman with mediocre thinking thinks about how he can increase his sales day by day, and how he can earn more and more profit.

But a broad-minded and long-term visionary businessman thinks about building his brand.

Because a brand gives you a passive income after a certain amount of time, and you can enhance your business with the current flow of income from the same business.

8. Focus on Marketing Strategy

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business growth. Without marketing, you can just run a business, you can not grow the business.

Just running a business is like doing a job, because in both, your income will remain the same for a certain time.

So, you must concentrate on the marketing strategies, and your business is online, so it’s obvious that you are supposed to plan the online marketing strategies only.

While making online marketing strategies, you are supposed to consider many sensitive objects.

Like, who are your targeted and potential audiences, on which platforms you need to do online marketing, how much you will be spending the amount for the same as well etc…

9. Register Your Business

While starting an online business, many people skip and ignore this step which can be a cause of a big problem in the future.

So, never neglect the business registration before starting an offline or online business to make your business secure.

Conclusion on Starting an Online Business in India

Starting an online business is not a big deal if you have a piece of perfect step-by-step knowledge, and yes, it also does not require a lot of investment.

But it is the industry, where your one small mistake can divert your business in the wrong direction.

So, it is very necessary to be careful while making strategies for online business plans, and it’s more advisable to build a brand instead of trying to increase sales on a daily basis.

What is the best online business to start in India?

Blogging: Nowadays, blogging is one of the best online businesses to start in India.
Because by blogging, you are going to set up your permanent digital asset which will be reflecting the passive income until you close it.
If you make one blog this year, and work for the entire year, after making it complete you leave it, it will be giving you money while you will be sleeping as well.
The second one is Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is the business by which you can build up your strong business model without managing inventory.
You need to just recommend and promote the products of the third-party sellers and make the commission as a profit on each successful sale.

What business can I start from home in India?

Hence, there are many online businesses in India that you can start from home, but the recommended businesses are freelancing, blogging, becoming a translator, becoming a virtual assistant, YouTuber, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, these are the most favorable and profitable online business ideas in India.

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