How to Start Tiffin Service Business in India 2022 – Best Step By Step Guide

Do you know that only by the Tiffin Service Business, Mumbai Dabbawala is making a turnover of 70 to 80 Crores per annum and it was started as the business of tiffin service provided to a very few customers?

Tiffin Service business is also one of the most brilliant business ideas for women that can be run from home also and hold a very high profit margin also.

If you are thinking about how much would you earn by starting the business of tiffin service in India, then let me inform you that there are many people who are relocated due to the job and other purposes and leave alone or as a PG.

No one can afford the food of restaurants on a daily basis in terms of money and taste as well, and they must have to look for the option which can offer them a homemade meal.

Many men and women are aware of this great small business idea, but either they lack information or do not know how to execute this low investment business model and they have to delay executing the business for providing the tiffin service.

Starting a tiffin service business is not a big deal if you have a step-by-step guide and a little bit of experience in business planning.

If you have neither of them, still you can relax, because in this article we are going to explore both of them for how to start a tiffin service business in India with Low Investment.

How to Start Tiffin Service Business in India

If you are a regular reader of our blog then you might be familiar with the fact that every business needs to follow some necessary steps before executing.

Similarly, in this business, you also need to make some plans and strategies before getting started for the tiffin delivery business online and offline.

Deep Market Research

Start Tiffin Service Business in India

As you know that before starting any business, market research is a must and mandatory, to start a business without market research is equal to aiming in the dark.

Especially for the delivery business of tiffin, the location is a very important aspect. You need to conduct a survey about the number of people who need the homemade tiffin recipe for their daily meal.

You can not figure out the exact number of required people, but by conducting the survey, you can have an idea about the potential of the tiffin service business in your location.

While conducting the survey, you are supposed to ask the questions to the people about their needs, or else you also can conduct an online survey, and you will have the stats about the needs in response to the surveys.

There is a little bit of difference between doing market research and deep market research.

While doing the deep market research, we need to research every aspect on a deep level, like around how many people are looking for homemade tiffin service, what they prefer, do they prefer the meal twice or once a day.

Some people may be looking for meals and snacks both days, or some people require only meals one or two times a day.

The second thing you need to keep in mind is that you are not the first one who is going to start the tiffin delivery business in your area, so you should confirm the existing tiffin service rates and then move ahead.

Management of Space to Make Tiffins

A lady is making food in the broad kitchen

You would be thinking that why would you need space to make tiffins for customers, right?

Right, you won’t need the extra space to cook the meal for your customers until the number of tiffins reaches up to 50-60 because the Indian kitchens are comfortable to prepare the meal for around 50-60 people, am I right?

As long as the numbers of tiffin daily cross this figure, you would have to opt for the extra space to make the food for your customers.

In the beginning, when you do not have more than 25-30 customers, you can run the tiffin service business from home as well which will save your cost.

But I recommend that if you are firm that you will make a tiffin delivery business long-lasting, then it’s better to start from a well-managed space than move there later on.

Getting The Business Registered And Have a Food License

Tiffin means the food is related to the health and life of each person, and that’s why you should not take a risk of running the business without having a license of FSSAI.

However, FSSAI is mandatory for those food businesses that have an annual turn of Rs. 12 Lakh or more, but I recommend you to apply for the license instantly after starting the tiffin delivery service.

Table, Chair, paper and pen for the business registration

Second important point is to register your business with the government, which opens financial ways to enhance your business in the future.

Your accounting and taxation activities must be clear with the government to avoid unwanted issues regarding the business and that’s why it’s necessary to register your business.

Capital or Investment For Tiffin Supply Business

To figure out the total investment to start the tiffin services in India, you are supposed to get the cost amount of each element for the same.

Make the proper business plan after conducting the market research that how many dishes or recipes you are going to make for your customers.

It includes Cereals, Spices, Vegetables, Oil, Ghee, and all other elements that are used to make the tiffin for your customers.

The people are moving on block of investment blocks.

After gathering all values, you should have the final concluded value of how much it will cost for you to provide the tiffin with roti, rice, daal, salad, sabzi, and other items along with the packing.

The proper management of investment is a must to offer the best price or the best value to your customer to beat your competitor as well.

Does Tiffin Service Business Have Recurring Expense

Like other businesses, the tiffin services business also contains recurring expenses for the materials, aluminum foils used for food packing, cleaning the work location, grocery, employee salary, and other misc. recurring expenses.

For the first two or three months, you would not be getting the exact figure of the recurring costs for the business, but with the experience, you would be able to figure out the same.

It’s recommendable to adjust this expense firstly of every starting business month because it secures your business in terms of providing the better services and quality.

Plan The Meal For Everyday’s Tiffin

It’s very difficult to manage every customer’s choice individually on a daily basis and while having more than 5 customers, you can not do this stuff, right?

To avoid this hurdle, you are supposed to provide a meal menu to every customer in which you will be mentioning the dishes that they will be getting per day.

Good Tip For Customer Satisfaction

Don’t deliver only the simple and budgeted meal to the customer for seven days in a week, offer them a one-day special dish which makes the customer’s day and night delightful.

Offer this special dish once a week for every week, your customer will never look for your option.

If you fix the menu for your customer, they also will have an idea about their daily meal and they can plan if they have another plan for that day.

One more tip I would suggest is that you should fix the tiffin service monthly price so that customers also can have ease of managing their monthly budget.

Advertising and Marketing Your Business

Marketing is the process to spread awareness about your business to the people around you and far away from you as well.

You need to advertise your business at that place where your potential audience exists. In the current trend, digital marketing is the best option that can be executed at a very low cost.

Hence, you can opt for both of the marketing strategies, i.e. online marketing and traditional offline marketing.

You can run Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other social media ads to spread your business awareness to the people.

The benefit of digital marketing is that you can reach out to the exact potential audience for your tiffin supply business in India.

Carry Your Business Online

Awareness of the business carries more and more customers for a particular business, present your services and qualities online with the medium of website and application.

Considering the current trend of people’s behavior, they rely on the internet for their important decisions.

You should establish a website where you will be presenting your services, qualities, menus, out-of-the-box surprises, offers, and other elements of your business of tiffin supplying.

According to Indiatimes, India is going to have 900 Million active internet users by 2025 which states the perfect reason to carry your business online.

An online tiffin service business is going to hike in upcoming times because of more relocation of people for jobs and business.

How to Get Clients For Tiffin Service

Getting new clients for any business becomes such hard stuff when we do not have more audience reach.

Secondly, a new business does not have much more trustworthy fame and that’s why people can not make their mind to avail the service or purchase a product of the new business.

In order to get the clients for a tiffin service business, you need to do some different things like you can provide a different dish once a week which seems more expensive than their budget.

With the starting of business, you can offer the service of delivery of tiffin for free of cost in the limited territory which solves the problem of transportation of customers.

While running digital media marketing, you have to keep your content cheezy, your marketing strategy must be effective.

Once you get a new client, convert him or her into a loyal customer by providing the best service and quality with consistency.

The best attribute of this business is, this business contains the mount to mouth marketing which means if someone likes your products and services, he will promote your business himself to others.

Tiffin Service Business Profit

Determination of profit based on the spent money, expenses, efforts, manpower, and times in the business.

You are supposed to filter the figures of the amount that are being used to from making food to delivering it to the customers.

Suppose, the making cost of 1 dish is Rs. 30, and you are selling it to the customer at Rs. 50, it does not mean that you are getting a profit of Rs.20 per dish.

Because Rs. 30 is just making the cost of the dish without the inclusion of rent, electricity bill, gas cylinder, cleaning expense, employee salary, delivery charges, and other misc. expenses.

You have to add all these expenses and figure out the average making cost per dish, and on that amount, you should add your profit to figure out the final selling price of the tiffin.

How to Promote Tiffin Service Business?

Promoting tiffin service business is not such hard stuff, you have two options for promoting the tiffin service business, and fortunately, you can avail both options according to the niche of tiffin supplying business.

One is that you can print the templates and share them in your territory covering the nearby outsider areas, give the ads in the newspaper, and stick the banners on appropriate places like flats and societies.

Another option is to run the ads online by targeting your nearby location population who can avail your services easily.

Conclusion on How to Start Tiffin Service Business in India

As I mentioned at the beginning of the blog, starting a business is not such a hard task if you are having a proper business plan with enough capital with backup.

Tiffin Service Business is going to catch the170 upper hike in upcoming years due to the busyness of people, shortage of time, shortage of earning by only one person in the home, relocation due to jobs and business.

If you start the tiffin delivery business now, you would not be getting the massive profit with the starting of the business, but as long as you keep giving a good quality of product and service, it will grow with exponential speed.

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