Flipkart Case Study Revealed With Flipkart Business Model – Ultimate Success Story of Flipkart 2007 Onwards

Flipkart Case Study Did you know that in the early 2000s, which means from 2000 to 2010-2012, people were not trusting on online e-commerce sites, and were not ready to purchase anything from online sites by paying money by debit or credit card upfront? At that time, it was too risky and dangerous to start …

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OYO Case Study – OYO Business Model Made It World’s Best & Fastest Growing Hotel Chain 2022


OYO Business model made Ritesh Agarwal the owner of the world’s fastest-growing hotel chain, and today 50% of the business that is in India, have built it in China too, what a speedy growth! OYO is connected with more than 23,000 over the world containing more than 8,50,000 rooms which are providing the best hotel …

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Zomato Business Model – How Zomato Became India’s Best Online Food Delivery Service – 13 Years


Zomato Business Model changed the concept of foodies people in terms of ease of access, it removed the waiting period consumed by people outside of the restaurants to come to their turn. I repeat none of the businesses is great, the legendary business idea makes the business great, similarly, zomato, which has become a brand …

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