10 Ways to Stand Out and Develop a Unique Writing Style

As a writer, you must develop your writing style. If you are copying another writer’s writing style, you can never establish your identity in this fraternity.

The worst part is you can also get accused of plagiarism if you don’t have your style. Now it might sound easy to create a unique style.

Still, it isn’t easy to develop your style, especially if you have just started your journey in the writing industry. Still, if you want to stand out by setting your style, we suggest reading this post.

You can use different ways to develop a unique writing style, but in this post, you will explore the top ten ones. 

Ten ways to develop a unique writing style!

Go through these ways and try to develop your unique writing style.

  1. Hear your voice and tone 

Your writing style is all about the voice and tone you are using. When writing content, you must narrate words in your mind. You need to hear your mind and practice it while writing. Now hearing your voice in your head is very beneficial because it helps you understand how you sound. If you keep practicing this technique, you can quickly develop your writing style. You don’t only have to imagine saying sentences in your mind; you can also speak them out loud and build your style accordingly.

  1. Try to do something new – Be creative. 

A common mistake that rookies make is that they copy the style of other writers instead of being creative. It would be best to take ideas and inspiration from already established authors, but this doesn’t mean that you need to copy the style used by other writers. The key to developing your writing style is by being creative. This can be difficult for you if you have already created the style of other writers. Eventually, being creative would get you a unique style, but there is always a chance you would make mistakes in this journey.

  1. Take inspiration from different authors.

If you are a new writer, you wouldn’t be sure about what to write and how to write. If you are in this kind of situation, you need to take inspiration from other writers. Remember, we are not suggesting you duplicate one writer’s style; instead, please check out the different styles of different people and take inspiration from the one you like the most. You can create your writing style by choosing small bits from the studied styles.

  1. Try Paraphrasing.

Using the paraphrasing tool also helps you develop your writing. An online paraphrase tool can spin duplicate content and create unique versions without manual intervention. The online paraphraser would change the text’s style without tampering with the original message of the content. With these tools, you can learn how to write the same content in different styles.

  1. Use plagiarism checkers to check uniqueness in your tone

The use of plagiarism checkers is very important for writers. Without passing your content through a plagiarism tool, there is always a chance that your work can get accused of plagiarism. A modern plagiarism detector can help you detect plagiarism in content. Suppose you are using an AI-powered plagiarism checker. In that case, you can also find out if your style is similar to another writer.

  1. Improve your observations

Improving your observation skills is a very easy way to develop your own writing style. You need to observe how people speak. You don’t only have to observe how people speak, but you also need to converse with people to create your style.

  1. Avoid clichés

As a new writer, there is always a chance that you can easily fall prey to clichés. It would be best to go for originality instead of imitating the writing style or taglines of your favorite writers and poets. 

  1. Keep on writing little every day

If you want to create your writing style, you need to practice writing all day. The more you write, the better it would be for you. Experienced writers can develop their styles. You can start by writing only a few sentences every day and gradually increase.

  1. Evoke emotions – get personal 

By evoking emotions, you can also get your style. Your emotions are the only thing you own, whether they are both good or bad. Being emotional and personal in your content can help you develop a different and unique style.

  1. Learn by experiment

Try experimenting with different styles. You can develop your writing style by writing in different ways. Making mistakes will be a part of your life, so don’t be afraid of it. Just keep on trying, and you will get there!

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