Amul Business : Overview

Amul’s business is 75 years old, established in 1949 by Dr. Kurien and Govardhan Patel to improve the condition of farmers of India.

Turn Over of Amul

Amul deals in many products like milk, bread, cheese, ghee, paneer, yogurt, beverages, ice creams, milk powder, chocolates, and many more products. 

Benefits of Taking Amul Franchise Business

Again, if you are about to run a third-party business, then you must get some benefits because by running their business, you will be generating more and more benefits for them.

Reputed Brand Name

Amul is a very reputed company that has been running for more than the last seven decades and it has earned its reputation by providing constant service and quality. 

No Royalty and No Profit Sharing

Amul is one of those franchisors who don’t take any royalty fee from the franchise, like the Patanjali franchise business. 

Quality Offering

As I mentioned just above Amul is older for more than seven decades and still ruling on the milk industry.

Supply of Wide Range Product

You will be the owner of the business which holds a very wide range of products because Amul is offering almost all the dairy products to franchisees. 

Subsidy on all Equipments and Addition Purchase Discount

There should be a very rarest franchisors who offer the subsidy on purchase of equipment and offer an additional discount on the purchase of products.

Large Customer Base With High Demand Product

Being one of the oldest dairy products companies in India, Amul already has a very large customer base which is going to be transferred to you if you get Amul Franchise business.

Easy Operation System

The operation system of Amul is very easy, and it saves you time and avoids complications as well. 

Reasonable Investment

Whereas the other franchises are charging more than one crore rupees, and some franchises are charging more than 15 lakhs rupees for offering the franchise businesses, Amul is offering you between 5 lakhs to 11 lakhs rupees only.

For Conclusion on Getting Amul Franchise in India Please..