About Baskin Robbins Company – Overview

Baskin and Robbins is the world’s largest ice cream and cake chain company founded in 1945 by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in California, and its headquarter in Canton, Massachusetts.

USP of Baskin Robbin

The USP of the brand is simple, the slogan of Baskin robbins is 31 flavors, the concept of the logo is to offer 31 varieties of taste of ice cream to the customers. 

The Product Range of Baskin Robbin

– Cake – Waffle – Brownie – Winter Dessert – Sundae

Baskin Robbins Franchise Type

– Baskin Robbins Kiosk – Baskin Robbins Lounge – Baskin Robbins Parlor

Requirements For Baskin Robbins Franchise

If you want to buy the franchise of Baskin and Robbin, you will have to arrange the land according to the type of franchise which you want to acquire.

Baskin Robbins Parlor Franchise Land Requirement

If you want to acquire the parlor franchise model of Baskin Robbin, you need 250 sq ft of land in which the mandatory frontage is the area of 12 ft. 

Basking Robbins Lounge Franchise Land Requirement

For getting the Baskin Robbins Lounge Franchise, you need a minimum space of 500 sq ft, in which you need the frontage area of 15 ft minimum. 

Profit Margin of Baskin Robbins Franchise Business

Whenever we are going to invest our money in a third-party business model, it is very essential to have the details about the profit margin from the business and products. 

How to Get Baskin Robbins Franchise?

If you want to acquire the Baskin Robbins franchise, then you need to email them at the below email address:

Is Bakin Robbins Franchise Business Profitable?

Talking about the profitability of Baskin Robbin, according to the stats, we can say that it is perfectly profitable. 

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