Best Export Business Ideas in India

Finding the export ideas for export business is not quite simple, as you have to consider many aspects, you need to conduct deep research as well.

1-Garment Export Business

If you are a garment manufacturer or garment wholesaler, you hold tons of bulk garments and can export to other countries at the most profitable rates.

2-Onion Export Business Idea

India has been exporting the finest quality of onions to Bangladesh in the highest quantity for the last three years.

3-Meat Export

The business of meat is a very unorganized industry, not only in India but there are many countries, where the organization of meat is not in such a good condition.

4-Machinery Export Business Idea

Machinery business is a huge investment-oriented business, but on the other end, it releases a massive profit as well.

5-Toilet Paper Export Business

The United States of America is the highest user of toilet paper in the world, and you will find a lot of huge clients for the toilet paper export business.

6-Fish and Fish Food Export Business

India is the country that has exported the fishes worth INR 476 Billion in 2020 to the other countries.

7-Pet Food Export Business

Western countries are pet lovers, and they take care of their pets like their children, and we have a good opportunity to convert their care in our business.

8-Pickle Export Business Idea

India is exporting the pickles to more than 50 countries every year with the worth of around 31.45 million US dollars.

9-Food and Beverages Export Business in India

Basmati rice is the etable which is used in a very wide range over the world in different countries, and there are very few countries who are exporting the same.

10-Agarbatti Exporting Business Idea

Agarbatti making business is one of the trending businesses since a long time, but it is underestimated due to lack of information of potential agarbatti export business ideas.

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