1. Cinnamon Rolls Food Truck

The basic ingredients used to make the cinnamon rolls like sugar, flour, and cinnamon powder, are not costly in terms of price.

2. Crepes Food Truck

Crepes are one kind of french dessert which you prepare by using flour, eggs, milk, and serving the customers with sweets.

3. Waffles Food Truck Business Idea in India

There are different types of waffles, fresh fruits waffles, lemon and blueberry waffles, pinnet, and chocolate waffles, and similarly, you can make the various flavors of waffles.

4. Icecream Food Truck Business Idea

Ice cream food truck business idea which contains lots of profit margin due to the high volume of demand and selling.

5. Beverages – Most Demanded in India

Serving the beverages is a little bit of a different food truck idea, but with the beverages idea, you can make a very interesting food truck, and it is the food truck of Bubble Tea.

6. Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie bowls are a portion of healthy food that you can serve to the customers by making it in various ways.

High Demanded Food Truck Business Ideas in India

– Chinese Food Truck – Italian Items Food Truck – Various Pizza Food Truck – Pani Puri Food Truck – Sandwich Food Truck – Mexican Items Food Truck – Chhole Bhature and Punjabi Items Food Truck

If you want to start a food truck business on a small scale, you should keep at least 3 lakh rupees in your hand before starting.

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