1. Notebook Manufacturing Business

A notebook is an essential appliance for making the future of any country, and many businesses also are run by this object.

2. Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business

Tissue papers have been invented and are being used to save water, and that is why it is the appliance with the unlimited and endless demand in the world.

3. Packaged Drinking Water Business

People are using only mineral water when they go outside of their homes, and most companies are also using mineral water for their employees as well.

4. Namkeen Making Business

If you have an investment of around 5 to 6 lakh rupees, you can start the namkeen manufacturing business which is a very huge market in India

5. Ball Pen Manufacturing Business

Schools, colleges, offices, organizations, and everywhere bullpens are used in a huge quantity, so there is not a single percent doubt about the profitability of the ball pen manufacturing business.

6. Garment Manufacturing Unit

Clothes are the appliances that are mandatory for people to wear, and that is why this is another business that is never going to die to face the recession period anywhen.

7. LED Lights and Bulb Manufacturing

If you are going to launch the business of LED bulbs on a small scale, you may have to have around 5 to 6 lakhs rupees. 

8. Paper Bag Making Business

I don’t have to mention that many countries over the world have banned the usage of Plastic bags, and there are only two alternatives to them. – Cloth Bag – Paper Bag 

For Conclusion on Best Manufacturing Business To Start With 15 Lakh Please...