Chai Sutta Bar was started on a very small base in Indore, in 2016 with the investment of  Rs. 3 lakhs.

Chai Sutta Bar Owner

The owner of Chai Sutta Bar is Anubhav Dubey  and the Co-Founder cum friend is Anand Nayak who started the Small Scale Business of Selling Kulhad Chai in Indore in 2016

Chai Sutta Bar Turn Over

The turnover of the chai sutta bar business is moving between the range of 1 cr to 100 cr for the ending of the financial year 2020, 31st March.

Is smoking allowed in Chai Sutta Bar?

The name likely includes “Sutta Bar”, but genuinely, Smoking activities are strictly prohibited inside the premises of the shop or outlet.

How many Chai Sutta bars are there in India?

Chai Sutta Bar is holding more than 135 outlets over India, and the latest outlet launched in the Andheri suburb of Mumbai, and the number of franchises of chai sutta bar in the city has reached 15.

Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Cost And How to Get Chai Sutta Bar Franchise

The Chai Sutta Bar Franchise asks for a huge investment and strong backup to avail it, the total investment to get the complete franchise of chai sutta bar is Rs. 16 Lakhs INR.

The Minimum Area Required to Have Chai Suttabar Franchise

As a popular brand, the CSB asks for the minimum area that you must have it 80 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft.

How Anubhav Dubey Converted People’s Habbit Into The Great Business Idea

The Owner of CSB had a dream to become IAS Officer, and was doing the preparation of UPSC, but wanted to build a long-lasting and scalable business.

How Anubhav Dubey Collected Money For Investment?

Anubhav friend named “Anand Nayak” received Rs. 3 Lakhs after withdrawing his old business, and they started chai business with that amount, which was a calculated risk.

How Anubhav Dubey Convienced His Parents For Tea Business?

At the first moment, his father was a little bit angry to know that his son is selling the tea in the street, but when he saw that his son is running a good business by selling tea, then he was satisfied.

Contribution of First Employee of Chai Sutta Bar

As per Anubhav Dubey, they did not have the rest money to hire an employee for the shop and pay him a salary every month.

How Chai Sutta Bar Gave Employement To Poor People

Currently, the chai sutta bar is selling 3,00,000+ kulhad tea per day, and all the kulhad are hand-made which are made by the people at home, and the chai sutta bar pays them for per kulhad.

First Outlet And The Free Marketing Strategy

Almost in my every blog, I state that a great idea becomes the business great and a low-cost best marketing strategy converts your business into the brand.

Chai Sutta Bar  Story Conclusion

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