How to Get Funding From Angel Investors For Startup

Each thing in the world is quite easy if you are having a roadmap of the process to achieve it. 

Who are Angel Investors?

Angel means a person with the supreme natural power, when you begin your startup, first you invest your personal savings, then your friends and families support you.

Things That Angel Investors Consider Before Investing in Your Startup

If someone is going to invest money in your business idea and business plan on your trust, then they are obviously supposed to have some verified data from your end. 

The Targeted Market Segment

First thing is that the market segment in which you are going to enter, must be big, it should be at least a few billion dollars. 

Product Must Easily Scale up

You need to make sure that you are making easily scalable products, figure out the benefit of the company and are supposed to capture the market with the different resources.  

Pitch Desk Should be Ready

You should have the ready pitch deck in which you will explain to them about your business process. – What is the market size – How are you entering the marketing – How and why your product is better than the competitor – What is the future potential and USP

Keep The Product Demo Ready

While approaching the angel investors, it is very recommended that you should have the demo product ready.

Funding Related Detail

Along with these all details, you need to mention the funding relevant details, like: – How much funding you require – Why do you need that much funding – How will the funding money be used – How much percentage will you dilute from your shareholding

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