The peculiarity of this business is that this business is started as a small business, and with a minute growth day by day,.

Manufacturing Business Myth

There is a big myth about manufacturing business that the manufacturing business requires a huge amount of capital as investment.

Why Should You Start Candle Making Business in India?

Well, many people are looking for low investment business ideas in India, if you also are one of them, then you have a wonderful opportunity to execute low investment business ideas

Types of Candles

There are various types of Candles that you can make and sell for different purposes for people, various types of the product open more opportunities and generate more revenue. – Pillar Candles – Round Shaped Candles – Small Tea Light Candles – Aroma Candles – Gel Candles

Market of Candles – Only India? Get Answers Here!

If you are thinking about how many people would be using candles in India, and how much you would be earning, then let me share some interesting data about the utilization of candles.

Growing The Candle Manufacturing Business with Equipment

Starting a business on a small scale is quite a nice approach, but to stick to a certain and fixed level is not advisable.

Requirements For Candle Making Business

The process to make the candles is quite easy, you need some basic and supplement ingredients as mentioned below. – Paraffin Wax – Moulds – Color dyes – Aroma Materials – Oil

Marketing Strategies

Every business needs the marketing strategy and implementation to grow business more and more, and similarly, you would not be excluded from it.

Carrying Your Business Online

Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho are the best for retailing business, and Indiamart & TradeIndia are the best online platforms for the wholesale business.

Benefit From The Government

The government is providing a good amount of loans to grow the small scale industry business, and candle making business comes under that category.

Revenue Model of Candle Making Business

As you know that the profit margin of any production or trading business depends on the product cost of the product.

Don’t Forget These Steps Before Starting!

Always keep an approach to register your business with the government before you start by providing the legal documents to them and keep a good name for your business.

Expansion of Candle Manufacturing Business

Working dedicatedly on a business strategy, providing the proper services to the clients and the best quality at an affordable rate, there is not a single chance of loss, your business will definitely grow.

Conclusion For Candle Making Business in India Please.........