The clothing business in India is one of the trending businesses which almost everyone wants to do, and it can be run in many phases.

Select  The Garment Type

If you plan for starting multiple garment type manufacturing, you may face some unavoidable chaos which may put you in fix.

Choose  The Proper  Business Name

Business Name is the first impression of your business which impacts the first impression on the new customer’s mind..

Registering a Business Or Company

The business registration or company registration for the business makes your business long-lasting and safe.

Set The  Budget With Resources

The manufacturing setup of the garment business is a big deal, you need to set the budget first, how much cost will you have to arrange for starting the garment manufacturing business.

Buy or Rent  The Space For Establishing The Manufacturing Unit

You must have enough space to establish the unit for the garment business as it requires more space

Make The  Quotation Of Required Equipment

The Garment Making Business Idea requires some technological equipment to produce the garments in a bulk with the manpower as well.

Hire The Manpower

Your equipment will do almost all the work but still, you will need the manpower for 100% accuracy, because machines can not provide you as much accuracy as humans.

Import of Fabric  For Garment Making Business

Fabric is the first, mandatory, and basic raw material of the garment manufacturing business and for that, you must have the merchant or supplier of the best fabric for the garment.

Pattern Your  Brand For Tagging

It’s too mandatory to keep attention that anyone is not using your brand name as their product’s brand because the quality of your product and his or her will not the same.

Focus on  Packing Pattern

The retail customer who is purchasing your garment from the retailers is your last customer but your business is being run by him, so keep the double attention on the packing and make it attractive.

Converting  The Business Into The Brand

Running a business as it is and as it was, carries you nowhere, if you do not convert your business into a brand, it will reflect the same results that you are receiving now.

Registration  with B2B sites

The retailers will not be able to give you a big order like 1000 pieces or 2000 pieces or more because they are relying on the retail customers who purchase just 2-3 pieces from them.

Payment Security

B2B sites are providing you the payment security from the customer and they are providing the security the customer for the delivery from you.

Payment Security

B2B sites are providing you the payment security from the customer and they are providing the security the customer for the delivery from you.

Identify The Customers And Source of The Customers

You will be coming in touch with various kinds of customers, however, it’s your responsibility to identify the potential and genuine customers and filter them.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is mandatory is a must and mandatory for each business, because it indicates how much quantity should be going be to product tomorrow.


I have covered almost all expenses including one-time investment and recurring expenditures, and it depends on which type of business you are going to start, like, men’s garments, or women’s garments, or kids’ garments.

Business Loan Preferences

here are multiple types of loans are being provided by the government like Startup loans, business enhancement loans, and other types of loans.

Conclusion on How to Start Garment Manufacturing Business in India

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