How to Start Laundry Business With Limited Investment

Hence, we are going to explore how to start a laundry business in-depth step by step.

Customers and Consumers

– Nuclear Family – Old age homes – Schools and college students – Hospitals -> Healthcare industry – Hotels and Decorators

Find Your Customers

Finding customers for starting a laundry business is a crucial task because the business area of the laundry business is small.

Location to Start Laundry Business

– Urban – Semi-Urban – Rural

Required Licenses For Starting a Laundry Business in India


Capital Investment For Laundry Business

If you want to build up a successful business model for the laundry business, you should have 2 lakhs rupees in your hands

Working Capital

You can consider the working capital as a recurring expense which represents the amount required per month to sustain the laundry business.

Employee Expense

In the employee department, you will need a washer, delivery boy, management, and accountant.


Here, the property stands for the space to run the business, and in the beginning, it is not mandatory to acquire any land on rental or lease..

Equipment Investment

Again, in the beginning, you are not supposed to purchase a high featured fully automatic washing machine for washing the clothes.

Electricity and Internet

For the electricity expense, you are supposed to arrange the budget of 3,000/- to 5,000/- approx.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing is a very crucial aspect of every business, well, it’s clearly understood that you will need to do marketing for the laundry business also.

Multiply By 6

If we make a total of all investments that you need to start a laundry business, then it becomes around 22,000/- per month.

Working Business Model For Laundry Business

For the laundry business, you can adapt the B2B business model, B2C business model, and B2B2C business model.

Profit Margin of Laundry Business

– B2C: 40% – 50% – B2B : 20% -30%

For Conclusion on Starting a Laundry Business in India Please..