How to Start Reselling Business – 40k Revenue Per Month – Best Guide

How to Start Reselling Business Online

The concept of reselling is very simple, Reselling business is a basic level of e-commerce business.

Potential of Online Reselling Busine

Nowadays, more than 50 lakh people are involved in online reselling business in India 

Choose Your Product

The first process of starting an online reselling business is to choose your product. It should not be done that you start to sell every product or sell random products.

Build Your Brand

The second essential step of the online business of reselling is building the brand.

Social Media Profile

There are 4 major social media platforms that are most responsible for the highest numbers of reselling. – Whatsapp – Instagram – Facebook – YouTube

Find The Genuine Supplier

As much as reliable and trusted suppliers you find, your business will become stronger.

Digital Marketing – Free Marketing Strategie

Here, digital marketing does not mean that you need to run the Facebook ads and Google ads by paying money to them.

Update and Follow Up

Once you get a paid customer, save his number, add him to the broadcast list, and keep sending him every new update.

Who Can Become a Reseller?

There are only three mandatory skills to start an online reselling business, you should have the knowledge of: – Product Selling – Social Media Handling – Sales and Marketing

How to do Marketing For Online Reselling Business?

Marketing is an essential pillar for each business, and there are certain stages and differences with the growth of the business.

Investment and Profit Margin

But starting an online reselling business with zero investment is not recommendable, you should invest around Rs 10,000/- to bring the samples to market in your local area.

For  Conclusion  On Online Reselling Business