Licious Business Model was established and executed by only two people in Bengaluru, and growing per year at the rate of 300%.

How Was Licious Business Model Idea Clicked

The company in which Abhay Hanjura was working, was the client of Helicon Ventures, in which Vivek Gupta was working, and they meet together for business matters and built a strong bounding

Research  On Meat Market

They research the meat market very deeply and recognized the cons and drawbacks of the meat industry, about quality, service, hygienic aspects, delivery problems, safety, trustworthiness, and many other aspects.

Size of Meat Industry in India

While researching the market cap and other details, they caught the data that the size of the meat industry is $45 Billion, i.e. 3 Lakh Crores INR.

Owner And Founders of Licious And Their Journey

The Business Model of Licious was founded by Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta in July 2015 in Bangalore.

USPs of Licious Businsess Model

Founders of Licious observed that purchasing raw meat is a difficult deal for the people, they have to face the crowd, bad smell, and hygienic affected safeties.

Licious Business Model

The business model of Licious is Farm to Door Business Model, which means from grooming the hen, fish, and other aspects to delivering them to your doorsteps are managed by their own efforts.

Revenue Model of Licious

With the starting of the licious business model, they have been growing with the rate of 300% per annum constantly, and the average growth of the last year was around 500% .

Funding and Valuation of Business Model of Licious

They have accepted the funding of $286.5 Million till the date and the valuation of licious is $700 Million till the date.

Competitors of Licious

There are many competitors of Licious, but the major competitors are Fresh to Home and Tender Cuts.

Future Plans of Licious

Licious is not excluded from them, the future plan of licious is to expand the figures of the offline stores, and enter to the International market as well.

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