Meesho is one of the fastest-growing social e-commerce companies, and it was launched with a very different business idea. 

Meesho Case Study

Meesho is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce and social commerce companies in the world. 

About Meesho – Overview

Meesho was founded by the two IITians of Delhi IIT institute in 2015 named Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal. 

Foundation and Journey of Meesho

However, luck is not considered a strong and needy element in the business segment, but some events force us to believe in so. 

Supportive Events Occured in Sourrounding

Initially, the business of Meesho was a business-to-business model, it was a trading platform wherein the Meesho app at one end there were suppliers, on the second end there were customers.

Business Model of Meesho

The flaw was the delivery cost, the deliver cost was too expensive which Meesho was providing free of cost to its resellers, and as the mediator, Meesho was providing the delivery and payment gateway as well. 

Challanges in Meesho Business Model

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