1. Investing in Stock Market, SIP, and Mutual Fund

If you are thinking that this is not a business, I suggest you refer to the life story of Warren Buffet, Rakesh Jhunjunwala, and other stock market investors.

2. Affiliate Marketing Busine

Affiliate marketing as side work or part-time work, but as long as 2026 is coming, people will start switching on affiliate marketing as a full-time business. 

3. Coworking Space Business

You can become a dealer of co-working space as well. There are many people who are looking for co-working space, and there are also many people who are looking for clients for the same.

4. Electric Vehicles Charging Station Business

Business of electric vehicle charging commercially is one of the most trending and profitable futuristic businesses in India.

5. Automation of Digital Marketing

Automation is going to become an essential part of almost every small and big business in the upcoming time.

6. Online Food Delivery Business

Zomato and Swiggy had already predicted the future of the food industry before 2015, and that is why they are the most successful online food delivery partners nowadays.

7. Online Garment Reselling Business

The garment industry is a very huge industry in itself, and it returns a huge amount of turnover to grow the Indian economy. 

For  Conclusion on Future Business in India 2025 Please...