1. Ideation And Validating a Business

Ideation is a very crucial step. Whenever you think of starting up a successful business model, raising funds, and building a business of millions of dollars, the first step is getting the perfect business idea.

2. UI Creation

In the current era, there are very very and very rare businesses that do not have an online presence, i.e. they do have no either a website or application.

3. Minimum Viable Product Development : MVPD

For these steps, you will need the three types of software experts. – Front End Developer – Back End Developer – Database Developer

4. Company Formation

You must not have seen a person without a name because each one needs his own identity.

5. Marketing and Customers Onboard

Marketing can be done in two ways, online and offline. And you are supposed to use both ways. 

6. Content Marketing

How your products and services will be solving their problems, how it will be adding value in their lives, in addition, you need to share the product guide, buying guide, etc… 

6. Running Ad

As I mentioned just above that you should not jump directly on the ads running while doing online marketing, right? 

7. Arranging an Investment

For any business, investment is the very crucial part and here many startups go on the backfoot. 

8. Growth Process

The next step is the growth process in which you acquire more users, invest more money to grow your business exponentially. 

For Conclusion on How to Start a Business in India Please...