History of Subway Business Model

Subway is the restaurant franchise company of America, which was founded in 1965 by Fred DeLuca with the investment of $1,000 only.

Why Do People Love the Subway?

Before acquiring any franchise business, it is essential to check whether it is demanded by the people or not. 

Subway Franchise in India

Subway is enhancing its business day by day by the franchise business model all over the world, and it entered India in 2001 from New Delhi.

Benefit of Acquiring The Subway Franchise

Again, whenever we are going to start a franchise business it means we are going to invest our money, effort, and time in the business of others.

Readymade Branding

Creating the brand for a new business is a very crucial thing and it consumes too much money, time, and effort. 

Low Investment

Instead of having a good business model sometimes, investment becomes a barrier and here you are not going to face that problem. 

No Need For More Employee

Many other food restaurant franchises are asking for too many e employees to run that franchise 

Less Land Requirements

To take the business of Subway franchise you will need very less land according to the location on which you want to start a Subway franchise.

No Need to Do Marketing and Advertisement

You are paying the marketing and Advertising fee to the franchise, so you don’t need to do Marketing and Advertising to grow the business, which is a very beneficial aspect of Subway’s franchise business model.

Franchise Cost of Subway in India

The total subway franchise cost is between Rs 53,90,000/- to Rs 89.10,000/-. 

Location And Space Requirement

There are four types of subway franchises. – Small – Large – With Seat – Without Seat

Traditional Location

If you want to open the franchise for the subway in a mall or profitable building, it is considered a traditional location. 

ROI of Subway Franchise Business

According to Subway, you recover all the investment done to buy a subway franchise within 2 to 5 years, and then whatever you earn will take home as a net profit. 

For Conclusion on Getting Subway Franchise in India Please..