Most 7 Profitable Wholesale Business Ideas in India

To be landed on in this article indicates that you are in quite a search of the most successful and profitable wholesale business ideas in India, and let me congratulate you that you have landed at the very right place.

Wholesale business contains a huge investment and that’s why most people avoid executing the wholesale businesses.

The reason to avoid this business is a shortage or lack of money, but they are afraid that if they fail in this business, they will be put in a fix, right?

Wholesale business is quite easy if you do it with a proper strategy, and execute it with an appropriate plan of covering the market.

India has a very huge market of wholesale business, and at the other end, India is one of the top leading outsourcing countries as well.

Benefit of Wholesale Business Ideas in India

Wholesale Business Ideas in India

Not only in India, anywhere in the world the wholesale business ideas are always profitable and beneficial.

What is the reason? The reason is bulk export, for example, if you have a garment wholesale business, and you are selling the garments wholesale.

Wholesale is the second mandatory part of business chain over the world, first one if the manufacturer.

Everything that you are using is not possible to use without manufacturing it, and after manufacturing, you can not get it directly from the manufacturer, right?

You must buy it from either the retailer or from online shopping, or from any other online reselling site.

But, from where do they get? From the manufacturer directly?

No, it’s not possible, because the quantity of manufacture can be sold, and can not be afforded by the retailer or reseller.

For example, if the owner of a ladies wallets retail shop wants to buy a ladies’ wallet from the manufacturer, he must buy at least 1000 pieces in one lot.

But he has to keep varieties for his different kinds of customers. That’s why he can buy 1000 pieces, but not from the only one manufacturer.

He needs to collect a set of different varieties of ladies’ wallets from various sources with different qualities, colors, and designs.

And for this, the affordable strategy is that he buys 10 sets of 100 wallets of different colors and designs from the different wholesalers of ladies’ wallets.

Now, wholesale means you will be selling at least 1000 pieces per day, and the minimum profit margin per piece is Rs. 20 anywhere in India, because of a margin of less than Rs. 20 is not affordable anyhow.

So, if you calculate, then your daily earning potential is around 2,000 rupees, and monthly around 52,000 (Generally people work 26 days in a month).

This is just a calculated amount, in a pick season of garments, the net profit amount touches the edge of six figures income also.

The second benefit is you can export your products to international clients from which you can make a massive profit in just one day only with one successful deal.

The next benefit is regarding the customers that you will not have to find the customer by visiting shop to shop.

B2B sites are ready to bring the customers for you by charging a minimal amount per year, and they are also taking the responsibility for the payment security.

So, without wasting time, let’s explore the best wholesale business ideas in India which will enable you to establish the most scalable business plan.

1. Garment Wholesale Business Idea

Wholesale Business Ideas in India

I am suggesting the garment wholesale business idea because this is the product without which man can not go outside of his home, he can not attend the occasional function without a new one.

An employee can not go office without clothing, a prime minister can not address the conference, and every person will get stuck at home, even, in a personal room.

So, the moral of the story is that if you start a garment wholesale business, you will always benefit only, even an epic pandemic like corona can not make this industry go down.

Your potential customers will be the retail garment shop owners, and they will be purchasing the apparel in bulk from you.

Another potential way to generate revenue is the international clients from abroad who will be paying you a high rate due to the currency variance.

As a wholesaler, you will make the deals in bulk garments only, and you can easily sell out a minimum of 1000 pieces per day which will make at least 2,000 rupees profit per day.

This calculation is for the non-seasonal days, in a pick season of garment selling, you will be selling at least 5000 pieces per day, and you can assume the revenue from it.

2. Agarbatti Wholesale Business Ideas

According to KVIC, the demand for agarbatti is around 1490 tons per day, and that’s why the agarbatti making business is on the boom for many years.

Yes, there are not so many agarbatti manufacturers in India in spite of high demand in India and abroad as well.

You can purchase lots of agarbattis on-demand directly from the manufacturer at affordable rates.

Again, as a wholesaler, you will be selling the agarbatti in bulk quantity only, and you can find the best retailer customers on B2B sites like Indiamart and tradeindia.

There is a huge demand for agarbatti outside of India because they are using various kinds of incense and agarbatti for different occasions.

Talking about an investment, you may need a huge investment for starting a wholesale business of garments in India.

Because if you want to sell 1000 pieces daily, you must have at least 3000-3500

3. Vegetable Wholesaling Business

Wholesale Business Ideas in India

No one can deny the huge demand for vegetables in India, residential people, restaurant owners, food truck businesses, street food businesses, and in every aspect, vegetables are a must.

Vegetable businesses can never see the face of recession in the world ever because humans can not survive without vegetables, right?

Moreover, there are millions of retail vegetable business owners who are earning too much from the vegetable business.

But do you know the amount of profit that a retail vegetable business earns in 1 day, while a wholesaler earns in just 1-2 hours?

Yes, it’s strange but true.

You must have a little bit more investment to start a vegetable wholesale business in India anywhere.

Hence, you can not start a vegetable wholesale business anywhere you want, you need to buy or borrow a shop for rent from the APMC and other authorities of the local market.

Once you get the shop and permission to do a business of vegetable wholesaling, then you have to make contacts with farmers who come to the market for delivering the vegetables to the market daily.

The business of vegetable wholesaling is a very low-risk business, where there is almost zero percent chance to bear the loss.

This is the business in which you will not spend a single rupee in marketing, because this business depends only on the regular walk-in customers.

4. Toys Kids Wholesale Business Idea

The main reason for mentioning this wholesale business idea is the Compulsion of parents of India and of course other countries as well.

You will be seeing many expensive kinds of toys being online at very high prices which manufacturing cost is not so high.

None of the parents are willing to offend to annoy their kids and that is the main potential aspect of the kids’ toy business all over the world.

There is a huge scope in this wholesaling business idea, and nowadays a new trend of electronic toys has been running.

Here is one thing you have to take care of: you have to keep your step along with time, otherwise you can be rushed out of the market soon.

Considering the profit margin of the kids’ toys wholesaling business, seriously, there is a huge profit margin in it.

This is one of those few successful wholesale businesses which contain a huge profit margin per piece even though selling in bulk as well.

5. Kitchen Appliances Wholesale Business

If you are aware of the women’s tendency, you will not avoid the kitchen appliances wholesale business ever.

Kitchen appliances are another mandatory object of every human on the earth and that’s why there is a rush always on the shops and online sites.

Apart from the housewives, restaurants, food street owners, restaurant businesses, canteens, marriage halls, and everywhere the kitchen appliances are mandatory.

You should have a small amount to start this wholesale business idea, and you will have to prepare for delivering the kitchen appliances on-demand to the retailers.

As a profit, it produces a medium range of profit, because some of the kitchen appliances have a little bit of manufacturing cost.

6. Handsfree Wholesale Business

Wholesale Business Ideas in India

Wired and wire-free handsfree and headphones have become an ornament of boys right now, am I right?

China has been dominating the market of the entire world in terms of electronic products and there are lots of Chinese products that are being sold at a very low price over India.

You would be buying a wired handsfree at rupees around 80-250, and wireless handsfree at rupees around 300-900, but do you know what their manufacturing cost is?

It’s just rupees around 10-80 and 110-450 for wired handsfree and wireless handsfree respectively.

If you purchase them in bulk and sell them in the wholesale market, there is a huge opportunity to make a high revenue as a profit from this one of the most successful wholesale business ideas in India.

Moreover, you can also export them to the other countries that do not have a good relation with China, because China may not by supplying them these products, or if they might be supplied at very high rates that they can not afford for commercial purposes.

On the other end, you can find several customers on the B2B sites who will be purchasing both kinds of handsfree in a very huge bulk from you if you minimize your profit and offer them at very affordable rates.

You should not keep only handsfree, but ear pods, headphones, and soundproof earbuds also make your business more scalable.

As a tip, you will find the best manufacturer and first-line wholesalers in Delhi for all kinds of hands-free and other products.

7. Wholesaling of Paper Bags

Have you ever thought about what is being used by the people after the governments of many countries have banned the utilization of plastic bags?

Of course, it’s a paper bag!

The wholesale business idea of paper bags is too creative and profitable because, in this business, you have two open and invited sources to make a mountain of revenue by selling paper bags wholesale.

The demand for paper bags is increasing day by day in every country of the world, but there are only a few countries that are making paper bag manufacturing machines, and India is one of the leading countries amongst them.

India also comes in the top position for exporting paper bags to other countries in the world, and that is why you also be a part of the major paper bag exporters.

Moreover, talking about the situation within India, there is a very high demand for paper bags, because, if you or any person, goes shopping at a shop, mall, or anywhere, you must need a carry bag to bring the items to your home.

Shops, malls, street food shops, companies, and everywhere, carry bags are a must, and that’s why they need for carrying bags will never end.

Conclusion on Wholesale Business Ideas in India

There are several wholesale business ideas in India that contain a huge profit margin, but every business depends on the state, city, and territory demand.

So, I am supposed to suggest to you those wholesale business ideas that can be executed from anywhere in India.

One more thing I want to mention at the end is that every wholesale business idea in India or anywhere will require a huge amount as an investment.

So, you will have to make yourself prepared for investing to start any wholesale business idea, and wholesale businesses contain inventory management.

Therefore, it’s quite mandatory that you know how to manage inventory in any wholesale business idea, and there are also some very good tools for inventory management.

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